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I would like to welcome you to read and enjoy the blog posts on our updated and improved Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance Website, InsureAhome.com.

As many of you already know, my name is Michael E, Dortch, President and Managing Agent of InsureDirect.com.

InsureDirect.com is one of the few licensed and oldest, most authoritative auto insurance websites on the world-wide web. The difference between my blog and the other 99.9% of other insurance websites you visit online is the maintenance of insurance licensing. I am an agent. We maintain a Property & Casualty Insurance license in every state we market Insurance throughout the country.

All the material and data contained in my Blog Posts are original material based on my research and 20 years of experience. InsureDirect.com subscribes to DMCA.com. The DMCA monitors all the content on internet websites to identify duplicate content. Any plagiarizing of our original material will be immediately reported by Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the internet search engines on the world-wide web. Once duplicate material is located, your site runs the risk of immediately being taken down.

InsureAhome Blog

Mike Dortch is an Insurance veteran, with nearly 20 years of proven experience helping homeowners and renters save on buying insurance.

Mike's InsureAhome Blog offers advice on getting the best rates possible for your homeowner's and renter's coverage.

New Site Design

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new site design for InsureAhome.com. Now, information and access to quotes on the best rates for homeowner’s and renter’s insurance is easier than ever before. Just fill out our simple online form, or call us 888-800-1434 for excellent rates on all types of commercial vehicle insurance. And, be sure to… Continue Reading